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The Phoenix Awards inspire and recognize exemplary brownfield redevelopment and revitalization. Winning projects offer a fresh take on significant environmental issues, show innovation and demonstrate masterful community impact.

The deadline to submit applications is October 4, 2017 and the chances for recognition are even greater. Two years of winners will be recognized at the Awards Ceremony at Brownfields 2017 in Pittsburgh, PA. The award program honors approximately 12-15 projects for each award year.

For each award year, one winner is selected from each of EPA's 10 regions, and additional special winners are selected for community impact, sustainability or other special achievements. Projects are judged primarily upon:

  • Magnitude of the problems and the project
  • Use of innovative techniques
  • Cooperative efforts of multiple parties
  • Positive impact on the environment, conservation or sustainability
  • Project's general and long-term economic and/or social impacts on the community

Any individual, group, company, organization, government body or agency is eligible to apply for a Phoenix Award. Applications may be submitted by an individual in-volved in the project or by a third party, with the primary project coordinator, e.g., property owner, environmental engineering firm, or project developer, or the entire project team listed as the applicant.

In order to be considered, the brownfield redevelopment project must have been completed by the date the application is submitted. Projects are deemed "complete" if the end-use is being conducted at the site. Start applying now!

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The Phoenix Awards are part of a nonprofit organization, The Phoenix Awards Institute, Inc. The nonprofit's purpose is to recognize outstanding achievement and innovation relating to environmental and community issues. Winning projects offer a fresh take on solving significant problems, show innovation and demonstrate masterful community impact. In addition to honoring excellence, the goal of the awards program is to offer specific project examples, innovative techniques and inspiration as models for others to use in their communities.
The Phoenix Awards were created in 1997 to recognize individuals and groups who are working together to solve the critical environmental problem of transforming old, contaminated areas into productive new uses. For the first three years, the Awards Ceremony was part of the Brownfields Conference sponsored by the Engineers Society of Western Pennsylvania in Pittsburgh, PA.
No, EPA cannot sponsor the awards program. However, beginning in 2000, EPA representatives asked us to hold our Awards Ceremony and related events during the National Brownfields Conferences. We are pleased to be part of the Conference, and EPA representatives participate in our judging process.
It is not necessary to have a dignitary offer a Letter of Support. Some of the best Letters of Support are submitted by someone who is peronally benefitting from the project. New business representaives, new home owners, or others who are benefitting from the end-use offer great explanations and support.
Due to the anticipated number of applications, all applicants seeking consideration for the December 2017 awards should submit by this year's deadline. Prior submissions may be considered to have a sufficient number in each region. The best way to make sure you are being considered would be to re-submit your application with any updates you feel like adding.
Our judges spend time reviewing the applications and meet for deliberations. In order to provide sufficient time for the judging process, our winners are announced approximately 2 weeks before the Brownfields Conference. Once our judging concludes, each applicant will receive an email that announces the winning projects.