Phoenix is the capital city of Arizona. It is known for the warm climate and those who love the sun must be interested to visit Phoenix. It is so special when you can visit Phoenix during winter because seeing the sun in winter is so rare. There you can see sunshine clearly even during the worst or lowest winter.

When we are looking for Indian and Spanish vibe, then Phoenix is the right choice as the buildings there are mostly influenced by Indian and Spanish colony also the touch from the wild west. For those who love art, history, and cultures, Phoenix has all of them. You can find historical and cultural places at the same time there. There have been lot of art communities that also become the special attraction of this capital city. As it is the capital city of Arizona, you cannot only find city tourism in Phoenix but it also offers natural attraction for hiking, biking or even trekking. So where to visit in Phoenix? We have the list.


There are two biggest parks you can visit in Phoenix. They are Desert Botanical Garden and Papago Park. If you are looking for natural attraction, you can start from here. This is the best place to understand vegetation of desert and you can also learn many things about desert there. During spring, you can see so many kinds of plants and flowers blossoming. This park is big and you might need like 5 hours to get around in this park. While Papago Park has bigger area than the garden. Papago is the right place for spending times in the morning like biking, jogging, and even fishing.


There is at least two top of museums in Phoenix. It is Heard and Hall of Flame Fire Museum. Two of them offer different things to explore. Heard museum focuses on art and culture in indian community in Southwest. There are lot of crafts, kachina dolls and etc. The gallery has many things to display like traditional and contemporary art in America. While in Hall of Flame Fire Museum, there is history you can learn about firefighter in America. There are notes of heroes who passed away on duty in fire fighting. There is not only about note on heroes, but also the history of fire fighting machine from 1725. There is also The National Firefighting Hall of Heroes which showed the names of those who died on duty since 1981.